Top Tips To Improve Brand Engagement Through Technology

Technology has had a huge impact in the way businesses both attract and retain customers. Through the development of websites to advanced use of AI, the rate at which technology has developed to attract customers is huge.

It is therefore important that businesses remain up to date on the latest technological trends to improve brand recognition and reputation. Competitors can also leverage technology to not only build their own brand, but damage yours also. 

Making technology work for you is essential – a large proportion of your marketing budget should be going into leveraging the right technologies. Here at FJP Investment, we break down the best tips to aid you with this. 

1. A High-Quality Website Is Essential

A website that is visually appealing, has the right information for your customers and has been setup for search engine optimisation (SEO) is as essential as it has ever been when it comes to technology. 

How your website looks and operates plays a pivotal role in how customers view your brand, if your website is outdated, customers by association will have negative perceptions of your company. Make sure to keep your website up to date – design, general information, copyrights, blog posts etc.

Chances are, more consumers are also using mobile to view your site than desktop in 2020, or at the very least a rise over the last decade or so. Any business in 2020 needs to optimise their website for mobile viewers as well as desktop

2. Think Global

Whilst not applicable to all businesses, the way in which the world is connected and tasks can be completed remotely, you should be targeting and dealing with customers from overseas. 

To achieve this, you will need to target those that speak other languages. Having a website that can be read in additional languages, as well as having remote interpreting, can allow your business to massively increase its target audience. 

In addition, businesses that now ignore customers from overseas are likely to have harmful effects on the brands reputation. Through risks of the customer giving the company a bad review to moving to a competitor, it is important you deal with all customers, regardless of language!

3. The Rise Of Chatbots

Many digital marketers were sceptical when chatbots were introduced, claiming that it could never replace human interaction over chat or phone. However, as AI has advanced, chatbots are beginning to deal with most of the commonly asked questions by customers.

The result is an overwhelming number of businesses incorporating chatbots into their websites. The ability to have question dealt with via automation not only frees up time for a business’s workforce to deal with other more pressing issues, but also gives customers an answer immediately to their question. 

If chatbots are introduced carefully and correctly, being setup to adequately deal with each customer and have the option to talk to a human if the query is complex, your company’s reputation will certainly increase. 

4. Influencers And PR

Influencers are now a core part of any digital marketing plan. Using influencers in your market to build your brand is a well-used strategy, something that even a few years ago was considered non-essential. 

Having a strong influencer support your company will build brand recognition and loyalty with new and existing customers. In addition, using digital PR in the form of websites and publications mentioning your brand not only builds loyalty through organic impressions, but ‘covers’ any attempts by competition to have negative pieces posted about you. 

5. Make Use Of Data

If you are not currently tracking and storing data when it comes to marketing and business decisions, you need to start doing so. 

Using customer data and tracking results with your marketing efforts will help to shape and improve your plan going forward will not only help with your branding but will begin to leverage your brand to a wider audience. 

Using various analytical platforms to track shopping behaviours, media preferences and sensitivity to ads will give you an advantage over your competition with a greater understanding of your customers. This also means customers (and potential customers) will viewing your brand with at a higher level as you are making decisions for their benefit. 

6. Take Advantage Of Visuals

Regardless of the size of your business, often people want to put a face to the name. When building your companies brand, you should position yourself (or others within the company) as friendly and welcoming. 

Customers are far more likely to deal with your business if they feel a personable connection. Having a strong, confident and happy personality will enhance your company’s reputation. 

Using good quality images and video will also build the strength of your brand. Customers are far more likely to engage with the message you are trying to get across if it is done visually. 

Jamie Johnson is the CEO of FJP Investment, an introducer of UK and overseas property-based investments to a global audience of high net-worth and sophisticated investors. Founded in 2013, the business also partners with developers in order to provide them with a readily accessible source of funding for their development projects.