Top Six Industries Reaping The Most Out Of The Animation Industry

Today animation is not just limited to kids, children’s TV, and entertainment. Since the first feature-length computer-animated film Toy Story in 1995, animation has become a daily part of everyone’s life and is being used for various purposes. Some of its extended applicational areas include medicine, education, gaming, architecture & engineering, and much more.

The most common types of animation include; stop-motion animation, two-dimensional drawn(traditional) animation, two-dimensional computer-generated animation, and three-dimensional computer-generated animation. Out of these types, 3D animation is the most used and thriving technology, and according to a survey, the 3D animation market is anticipated to reach $21,050 million by 2022.

Let’s Find Out The Top Sectors Enjoying The Benefits Of The Animation Industry:

#1 Entertainment

This is the first sector to make prolific use of animations. The entertainment industry has seen a profound disruption as the technology and types of animation have kept evolving. Starting from 1906’s “Humorous Phases of Funny Faces,” created by J. Stuart Blackton, which showcased moving chalk drawings of facing figures and is also considered as the first animated film recorded on standard picture film. The animation moved to 1908’s “Fantasmagorie” created by Émile Cohl, the oldest example of traditional 2D(hand-drawn) animation. Some historians also consider it as the first animated film. 

Technology advanced with Disney’s “Toy Story(1995)” known as the first computer-animated feature film, and Disney’s “The Lion King” 2019 remake, which is a CGI(computer-generated images) or a 3D animation film. The animation industry has advanced a lot in these years and has changed the viewing experience to a great extent.

#2 Education

Children like stories and employing this fact in the educational systems  various academies are making learning more fun for children. Learning endowed in the form of animated videos helps students become more attentive; thereby, helping them remember the story or concept more quickly than just reading it out. Animated videos are also helpful for high schoolers as these videos are proven effective in explaining complicated concepts with ease. Particularly in science and mathematics, it helps the students visualize abstract concepts and facts.

The animation is a great friend for teachers, too, as it makes their job of explaining the crucial and complex topics leisurely. For example, the charging of capacitors or flow of current is invisible, therefore learning these concepts at the beginning could be difficult, but with computer animations, teachers can make the learning process quicker and more amusing. Here’s the list of top 7 free and open-source animation tools for teachers looking to prepare animation videos for tutorials.

#3 Gaming

The gaming sector is flourishing, and the credit goes to 3D animation. An essential thing for games; 3D characters are developed by animation, and everything in the game is modeled around these characters. Gaming is a sector where animation is used extensively as a prime technology.

Animation in gaming has led to the development of a virtual world which is fascinating, ever-evolving, that makes leaving the game impossible for people. Games such as Pokemon Go, that integrate augmented reality and animation, have been loved by audiences of all ages.

#4 Architecture and Engineering

The use of animation in architecture is increasing. Nowadays, architects, interior designers, and builders use architectural animation, which is a short movie containing a 3D model of the project. These 3D animation models help provide an idea or sense to the customer on what the project would look like once completed. 

Architecture animation enables the customers or clients to view even minute details of the specific areas clearly through the 3D animated model of the project, which can be a Villa, Commercial Buildings, Malls, Schools, Hospitals, etc. as compared to the 2D architectural drawing. This technology adoption by architects helps build a good impression on customers and the investors by making them visualize every detail and features of the project in advance. Visit GoodFirms, for getting a curated list of top video animation companies for meeting your advertising needs.

#5 Medicine

Medical animation has emerged as the quickest, easiest, and most detailed way to make patients, trainee surgeons, and med students understand medical processes. Animation enables the surgeons and students to visualize every detail of the human body with clarity, even the microscopic details that the naked eye can’t see. As the use of animals has been banned and patients don’t give consent to trainee surgeons to get involved with surgeries, institutes are looking towards animation to train surgeons and future doctors.

#6 Advertising

The animation is widely used for advertising on various platforms, including TV, magazines, billboards, and newspapers. The objective of every advertisement is to attract customers for selling their products and create a trusted customer base. Through animation, we can create commercials that can seize the target buyers’ imagination and tempt them to buy the advertised product. 

Also, the plus point for the animated advertisements is that the characters in them can never die and are limitless, which helps the companies to save money instead of spending on the actors and periodically changing them as they age. 

The sectors mentioned above are the ones most benefited by the animation. The scope of animation and its application area is evolving and getting much broader day by day.

Wrapping Up

The animation industry is now not just limited to comic books, manga, films, and cartoon shows. It has a far-reaching impact on a wider audience and increasing its market share. Animation has already left a never fadable mark on the gaming industry and has become an integral sub-part of this industry. As technology advances, we can expect more animation coming our way.