Why Choose Kotlin to Build Your Chat Application

When building a chat application, it’s crucial to select the right programming language. Although Java has long been the most popular option, Kotlin is steadily rising in popularity thanks to the numerous benefits it offers. These are a few reasons to choose Kotlin to build a chat application. 

Kotlin is a Modern Solution

Java is more than two decades old, and while it’s still a strong choice for Android development, it’s starting to use its age. Because Kotlin was created more recently, it’s better designed to address modern problems. When you work with Kotlin, there won’t be as many workarounds. 

Java hasn’t been replaced by Kotlin quite yet, but Kotlin could wind up becoming the dominant programming language before long. Kotlin has fewer limitations than Java does, and it builds on everything that Java has done successfully in the past. It’s well suited to small and large scale projects. 

It’s Simple to Code

It’s important to consider ease of use when selecting the best programming language for your chat application. If you pick a language that’s easy to work with, you’ll be able to accomplish more in less time. Unlike Java, this language is highly concise. 

Even if you have limited experience with Kotlin, you should be comfortable with the language in a short period. It’s far less likely that you’ll have issues with compile-time errors and similar problems. Furthermore, this language doesn’t contain semicolons, making it fast to write and easy to comprehend. 

It’s Compatible with Java 

One of the reasons Java is used so frequently for chat applications and similar programs is that people need these applications to be compatible with code written in Java. This is one of the biggest benefits that Kotlin offers. 

It is possible to use both Kotlin and Java code for a single project. These two programming languages are capable of communicating with each other. To build Kotlin chat application, you don’t have to convert your project to Java; you can opt to use both languages if desired.

It’s Streamlined 

Kotlin is streamlined and designed to be easy for humans to read. This approach means that the programming process is a lot more straightforward. It also means that it will be simpler for you to debug your application when needed. Kotlin has a smooth IDE, which is a big advantage. 

This language is statically typed, and the code is much smaller than the code used for Java. You can write a short, clean program that will serve the necessary purpose. With Kotlin, you’ll also find that it’s easier to utilize immutable and mutable declarations for a wide range of data structures

It’s Highly Efficient 

Java has a long history of use, but it’s also prone to problems. Kotlin is designed to address many of these issues. When you code with Kotlin, you’ll make fewer mistakes, which means you’ll complete your chat application in a shorter period of time. 

Kotlin has several built-in features designed to keep you from making mistakes, such as late initializations. If you’ve had problems with Java in the past, and you’d like to avoid those kinds of issues in the future, you should strongly consider switching to Kotlin. 

It’s A Safer Code 

As mentioned above, it’s less likely that you’ll have errors when you work with Kotlin. It’s also more difficult for hackers to find exploits in applications that were coded with Kotlin. Java is the dominant language for Android programming, and it has a long history of use. Because of this, its exploits are well known. 

If safety is a priority for you, you may find that Kotlin is the best language for your application. It’s an incredibly strong choice if sensitive data will be shared via your chat application. You’ll want to make sure that all of that data will remain completely secure. 

There Are No Issues with NullPointerException

Another major problem that’s been linked to Java are problems with null references. For example, receiving the error “NullPointerException” is a common problem. Because of the type system that Kotlin uses, you shouldn’t encounter these kinds of errors when you are coding your chat program. 

These kinds of errors can extend development time and create a lot of headaches for you. If you’d like a way to sidestep these kinds of problems entirely, you should try using Kotlin instead of Java. You’ll be able to avoid these problems and enjoy many other benefits as well. 

It’s Simple To Maintain 

You’ll want to make sure that you won’t have any issues when updating the chat application, you’ve created. An application that has been built with Kotlin should be very simple to maintain. Numerous IDEs are supported, which means you’ll work with the best tools for development. 

You should think about the long term when you’re building an application like this. You’ll have to make sure that you’re able to code an application that will do everything you need it to do, but you’ll also want to make sure you’ll provide the appropriate level of upkeep. 

Building a chat application takes time, which is why it’s important to select the best programming language for your project. If you decide to use Kotlin to build your chat application, you’ll enjoy many advantages that Java doesn’t provide.