Why Google Business Pages Are Important In Local Search

In digital marketing we already know that it’s important to create an online space for your brand or business. The reason is simple – if a customer does an online search for a product or service that you offer they need to find you easily and quickly.

This is often achieved by working on creative and smart SEO to increase your search engine ranking. But there is an easier way for you to make sure potential customers can find you more easily – by creating a Google Business Page.

What Exactly Is A Google Business Page?

“Google My Business” or a Google Business Page (as it’s more commonly known) is a free tool created to help businesses manage their digital presence across online platforms like Google Search and Google Maps.

It’s a wonderful addition to any digital marketing strategy because compliments your existing website, social media pages, etc by verifying your public identity and presence with a listing on Google.By creating a Google Business Page you get to tell the story of your business and help your customers find you more easily.

Why Google Business Pages Are Important In Local Search

In addition to confirming that you exist in the digital space, a Google Business Page offers many real world benefits too. These include better exposure and in an increase in customers or sales.While a stronger online presence is nothing to scoff at, a lot of smaller businesses benefit greatly from Google Business Pages because it makes it easy for people to find your physical place of business.

A Google Business Page allows you to appear in local search results for queries that are specific to your business.

This is how it works…

When a user searches for a business, product or service, the results are dominated by local listings.If your Google Business Page is optimized to include your complete and current information, these listings will be accompanied by addresses, directions on Google Maps, phone numbers and websites/social media links. This type of listing is greatly beneficial to people whose businesses operate from a single location, such as “mom and pop” stores, bakeries, niche stores, small town lawyers and doctors.

How Do Google Business Pages Help?

  • Increases Customers and Sales

A Google business page can potentially boost traffic to your store and increase your sales. Research states that a large percent of people who find a business in an online search, end up at its physical location. So if your business is easy to find online, the likelihood of a customer visiting your store and making a purchase increases dramatically.

  • Improves Your Website SEO

Creating a Google Business Page is one of the best ways to improve your website’s SEO. In order to supply users with accurate search results Google is constantly scouring the internet to obtain as much new and updated information as possible.By having a verified Google Business Page you are more likely to increase your search engine ranking and appear high up in the search results.

  • More Exposure

It’s worth noting that using a search engines isn’t the only way for people to find what they’re looking for online. There are loads of digital directories and apps on the market that help people find what they’re searching for.

These platforms use search engines (like Google) to maintain their databases. This means that a lot of them grab information directly from Google Business Pages.

By making sure your Google Business Page is always updated these alternate platforms will have access to the most current information about your business. This in turn will help to generate exposure for your business.

More Reasons Why Creating aGoogle Business Page Is A Smart Move

  • It’s Free – Google Business Pages are free. That’s right – creating one won’t cost you thing. So if you’re not using it you’re definitely missing out.
  • More Ways To Connect – It’s an awesome new way to connect with old and new customers. It can draw attention to your social media pages and can help to create a buzz around any special offers your business is promoting.
  • Useful Information – A Google Business Page puts your most important information (like business hours, phone numbers, directions and website) at the forefront of any online search. This information is prominently displayed in basic searches without much effort from the user.

Final Thoughts…

Creating a Google Business Page for your business isn’t difficult but some people tend to easily overlook it. To be successful online and in the real world take a moment to create a Google Business Page that’s accurate, reliable and the best representation of your business. You won’t regret it.