Great Ideas For Brand Building Through Web Design

Before we even talk about a web design agency in Dubai, it is essential to know what a brand is and what it represents. A brand can be termed as a symbol or figure that distinctly differentiates one’s services or products from others. Websites are part of ensuring that a certain brand remains visible and attracts attention to the services or goods.

Some companies that provide web services, including web design agency in Dubai, have realized that building great brands with web design is not only vital for attracting new clients but also for retaining the current ones.

Web design is associated with a whole host of aspects and to pull it off expertly, there has to be the perfect combination of sounds, images, and logos.

Branding is a sophisticated process that is done in a wide array of media platforms including television commercials, ads in magazines, packaging of products among others but for this article, we’ll look at how to promote brands using web design.

How Do You Build A Brand by Using Web Design?

Regardless of whether you are designing a website for your blog or a well-known brand, the way you brand the site will mean the difference between a memorable site and an uninspiring plus boring one. The tips below are what make a website expertly branded for the market.


Do you know that color can stimulate a variety of emotions on the viewer? Apart from that, color makes people subconsciously associate certain things to others. Case in point, color red often symbolizes passion, power, or energy. This makes it ideal for websites dealing with the entertainment industry. Besides, green symbolizes nature and health and that is why hospital walls are usually pale green.  

Before choosing a color that will make a website a cut above the rest, it is important to research what color can successfully portray the kind of feeling you want to elicit in clients. Also, know that in different cultures, different colors might mean completely different things.


One vital aspect that web designers cannot afford to underestimate is the uniqueness of the site. If the site looks just like a hundred other websites like your competition, then it would be really hard to sell your brand.

By going the extra mile to create a unique and distinctly designed site, it will make clients stop and look. In other words, their interest will be aroused by the unique look of your website. 

What this factor does is that it ensures that your site stays on the minds of the guests to your website and you can rest assured that they will come back in case they need your services or products.


For a website to stand out, the web designer should infuse a dose of character into it. This makes it have a memorable personality that assures clients of the reliability of the brand. It is important to shape the branding with something that is larger than life that customers would love to be associated with.

A great way of achieving this is by incorporating anthropomorphic elements into the brand. This means using animals or recognizable objects to represent the brand, something customers can be proud to associate with.


When designing a site, the designers should ask themselves the kind of emotions that they want visitors to experience once they load it. Every company should have in mind the kind of feeling that they want their branding project to bring out in people.

Some web designers employ the use of electrifying colors and breathtaking images to come up with a vibrant and stimulating brand that will turn heads.

The Logo’s Position and Size

Do you know that when guests visit a website, the most common area that they first look is the upper left space on the page? Therefore, this is the best place to position the logo for maximum effect.

Remember, while the position matters a lot, the size of the logo is also crucial. Make sure that the brand’s logo is large enough so that it is the second or the third thing that visitors to the site see immediately.

Keep in mind that branding makes it easier for people to distinguish between brands that are well presented with a lot of work going into making them highly visible and those which are not.

While the web is a great place to develop your brand, it pays to make the branding more visible and attractive to visitors. The difference between a site that attracts lots of traffic and one that doesn’t might as well be how the web design has been done.

It makes no sense having a poorly and visually unappealing website out there and expecting users to flock there or make repeat visits.

Making use of all the tips that have been outlined above will deliver a well-branded website that is not only powerful and attractive but also highly effective.