Smart Home Equipment For Home Safety

Today’s state-of-the-art home security systems include modern equipment designed to maximizes your comfort and safety. These smart devices are reliable and easy to use. This post details the features of some popular technological advances and sheds light on how they can benefit you. 

Nest Secure 

Nest Secure is a home security system hub featuring cellular backup with professional monitoring. The hub works with a wireless home security system and remains in operation even if you lose internet access or in a power outage. Nest Secure devices are easy to install and come with  Google Assistant built in to receive voice commands. The hub can manage tasks, control compatible connected-home devices, and get answers from Google, as well as set up routines to automate your smart devices.

Smart Lights 

Getting smart lights for your home can help increase your safety. They can be set up to give off a specific brightness level or color along with your alarm. Smart lights are commanded by app or voice to control the color and intensity of lights on your premises. 

Smart Thermostats 

A smart thermostat allows you to control temperature in your home remotely. Simply install a companion app on your phone and you can adjust heating and cooling in the house, even if you aren’t inside it. This is especially handy if when you’re travelling. Say you head out of state to visit family for Thanksgiving; logically you turn the heating down to save money before you go. If a cold snap hits and temperatures at home drop below freezing, however, you run the risk of a pipe bursting—unless you can heat up the house from afar. A smart thermostate allows you to do just that. Avoiding unnecessary heating and cooling can also save you money on utilities bills 

Smart Speakers 

Smart speakers from various brands like Google and Amazon can use voice recognition technology, allowing you to “interact” with them and use them as virtual assistants. Once turned on, the speaker “listens” until it hears its signal word to “wake up” (such as “Alexa”). Your request is recorded and deciphered using algorithms; these algorithms are programmed to become increasingly familiar with your patterns of speech and voice. If configured correctly with your other home devices, the speaker can then “respond” to certain requests—such as turning on lights. In a dark room. 

Smart Locks 

A smart lock can make a big difference to your home security. It is also highly convenient, letting you access your home in various ways: by smartphone, key fob, or standard key. You can also give people you trust e-keys to allow access while you’re away. This can be convient for dog sitters or letting neighbors in  to water your plants while you’re on vacation or a business trip. The e-key will expire after a certain period of time as determined by you. 

The most convient locks fit over a standard deadbolt, so installation is a breeze and will connect into your smart appliance ecosystem.

Smart Doorbells

Using WiFi and a video camera, they allow you to see who is at your door without actually being at the door. When someone rings the bell, a WiFi radio alert is transmitted to your smartphone. You can then stream a live video feed from a camear installed by the doorbell to see who is there. Night-vision capabilities are included, so you have a clear view, day or night.

Two-way intercom further allows you to speak into your smartphone and have your voice transmitted to whoever is at the door. Some smart doorbells also offer the option of sending you alerts when motion is detected in front of the door. These need to be linked to appropriately placed motion sensors.. 

Home Security System Cameras 

Home security system cameras capture high-resolution live video, allowing for ongoing surveillance of targeted areas of your property, such as doorways.  They deliver notifications in real-time and you can also opt for subscription services to allow for clip storage, which allows you to come back and revisit old footage. The camera can be set up to receive personal alerts and monitor specific motion zones. 

Smart surveillance cameras are a crucial part of any complete home security system. Top-notch cameras feature intelligent imaging and sensors with HDR to provide “supersight” vision. They use invisible infrared LEDs to illuminate the entire premise. This helps provide a clear view even in environments with low light. Some cameras are also equipped with speakers and microphone systems. 

If your security alarm goes off, check the video recorded by the camera to find out what triggered it. Use cameras to check all doors and windows of your house for signs of unusual activity.

All-in-One Home Security System Devices

The most convenient smart home security system devices combine different functions. For example, an all-in-one system could include cameras, microphones, motion trackers, and speakers. This provides maximum oversight. Devices can be mounted on walls or simply placed in a location within viewing range of the front door. Users usually get a live view of the camera’s feed from the app.  

Choosing a Home Security System 

Modern home security systems are versatile and you can choose the technology and service that best suits your needs. A self-monitored system allows you to review activity yourself using your mobile phone. If a motion sensor is tripped, for instance, you get an alert. A professionally-monitored system leaves the job of oversight to someone else: The security company will receive an alert if a sensor or alarm goes off, and then call to check in on you. If there is an issue, they will contact the police to investigate. 

The Core of a Complete Home Security System 

Smart home hubs connect countless devices, ranging from locks and cameras to thermostats, and let you control your home via voice commands. You’ll find they make a big difference to your and your family’s comfort and safety. 


Heather Cowart is the Brand Manager for Brinks Home Security, a leading provider of professional home security systems. Heather specializes in understanding of smart-home technology and thoughtful design. She is passionate about developing personal customer experiences and educating about home security.