Marketing Your Business Without Spending A Fortune

Regardless of the size of your company, what industry you’re in and the services or products you offer, there will always be a way to increase sales through marketing. The trickiest part of this though is if your budget extremely tight. For whatever reason there may be, it will always be a challenge to increase the overall sales of the business while maintaining with earlier marketing strategy and controlling expenses for advertising. Take note, we said challenging, but not impossible. So here are five ways that you can market your business without really having to spend a fortune.

  1. Speak to Clients

Talk to your clients, especially the current ones because they are the best kind of resource in when increasing revenue. It’s a lot easier to offer services to a client who already has a history with your business and is familiar; they have a clear idea of how the process goes and the quality of the services and the product. When you invest time and effort in the relationship you have with your clients, they’ll likely trust your business since it adds a personal touch to everything. By listening, you can analyze the situation and maybe even offer solutions through new and alternative products. At the end of the day you increase your sales, grow your business and gain a loyal customer.

  1. Offer Product Packages

A lot of business have found success when they sell package products and services rather than offering them individually; thus the promos, discounts, bundles and packages that we seen regularly at supermarkets. Customers think of these packages as a way to save more even though the savings is nominal at best; bottom line, it makes it all that easier for you to sell products and services. As much as possible, try to offer flexible bundles because potential customers might not want everything included in the bundle; let’s say that you offer six products in a bundles and a potential customer only prefers three out of the six, if so they might not try the product at all.

  1. Request for Referrals

Current customers are your ticket to even more client referrals. If you know a client that’s more than satisfied and happy with the services or products that you offer, then kindly request referrals from them; ask for names and relevant contact information of other potential customers or even businesses where you can benefit from each other. Aside from referrals, you can even ask for reviews and testimonials which you can feature on your website. Don’t forget to ask for their permission before posting.

  1. Go for Sales and Promotions

It might seem ineffective to increase sales by discounting products, but what you may not realize is that even the lowest discounts can make a product all that more appealing to customers; a shopper’s eye is easily attracted with the words ‘sale’ and ‘discounts’. But be sure to lay down all the terms and conditions of the sale like the date when it starts and ends; this avoids any possible confusion on the part of the client.

  1. Listen

Listening may be the simplest and most commonly overlooked tactic in the world or marketing as well as customer handling. By listening to clients and even potential customers, you will understand and easily address all their needs. By not opening communication, customers are prone to misunderstand company procedure and policy and so they end up frustrated. Be sure that the sales team, and even the owner for small businesses, understands how to be attentive in these situations. If some members of the sales and marketing team are not comfortable with this, it’s alright, just have them focused on sales.