Small Tips to Make Your Coffee Shop Stand Out

It’s quite easy to start a business these days, which is good for beginners, but it also makes it harder to stay in business, as there’s a lot of competition and people tend to like new things. Running a coffee shop is no different. New coffee places are popping up like mushrooms in every corner of each street. Considering the growing popularity of this beverage, it can be a very profitable idea, but it’s crucial to make your coffee shop different from the tons of others. How can you do it without spending a fortune on your marketing? Here are several small tips to make your coffee place stand out. 

Make It Personal

Don’t be just a coffee shop – be the coffee shop that people can talk about specifically. The devil is in the details, so try designing your place differently to make people feel comfortable and at home, but at the same time, keep it as much yours as possible. Think your decor through very carefully and come up with your own style. Remember that, despite what we like to think about ourselves, people actually do judge books by their covers. Just think about all those times when you were walking down the street and had a thought: This place looks interesting, I should come in. Plus, consider personalising even the smallest things. For example, HotShot Coffee Sleeves can make you personalised sleeves for the cups with your logo and some funny or inspirational sayings, and all that from 100% recycled paper. This is something that people will see and remember. You won’t be just a coffee shop – you will be: the coffee shop with these funny jokes on sleeves, you know it! You don’t? Oh, you should go there! 

Remember About Health And Environment

It’s important to be environmentally-friendly in today’s world. There are more and more people who won’t go to those coffee shops that still use plastic cups and straws. So buy only certified coffee, use an energy-saving coffee machine and eliminate plastic (go for biodegradable cups and cutlery) – it all may sound very expensive at the beginning, but it’s a long-term investment that will pay back in the future. Your bills will be lower and you will be respected by your customers. And don’t only be eco, but try also teaching others how to be. You can support charitable causes or organise weekly or even monthly meetings in your coffee shop for people who care about our planet and want to know more about how to take proper care of it. What’s more, it’s good to always have vegan, low sugar and gluten-free options – people really like to share this kind of places among each other.

Use Social Media

A Facebook page is really a must-have nowadays – that’s where you can update your menu, organise contests and lotteries or even some giveaways for the luckiest or the most active followers. What’s more, people can also give you reviews there or simply find and check you out when they’re looking for a coffee shop in the area. Try to reply to messages, comments and reviews – consider all proposed changes. It’s good to update your profile regularly and upload high quality, sometimes even artistic photos – people will share them just because they look beautiful. Plus, customers tend to like a little sneak peek behind the scenes – show them how you make coffee, present your stuff, write about yourself, your passions and life. Make yourself (and your coffee shop) more human and approachable. People like what they know, because they feel like they can trust it. 

Be More Than Just A Place That Sells Coffee

First of all, offer Wi-Fi in your coffee shop and make sure it’s a fast connection. Thanks to that, you will show your customers that you not only want them to come, but also stay for a while, and then come back. The number of people working from home is increasing and very often they don’t want to work literally from home. That’s why they’re looking for comfortable, stress-free places to sit in – just like people who spend their breaks outside the office. For that, you’ll need power outlets as well, but it’s all worth it. Just remember to put a sign outside your cafe informing that you provide internet and charging power. Then, think about organizing or simply hosting some events – live music, travel and language meetings, book club or speed dating can really increase sales in your place. What’s more, it’s a great way of promoting your business; many people will come just for the event but stay because of your delicious coffee and great atmosphere.

Running a coffee shop is a full-time job, usually even more, so commit yourself to your business. It’s yours so don’t be afraid to make it yours. Think about what would interest you as a customer and try to provide it. There are some free ways to promote your place but don’t be afraid to spend a little money – think of it as an investment, because a good marketing strategy can do wonders and will certainly pay off in the not too distant future.